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Failed Experiment

I wanted for days to make this starter. Good thing I did not decided to make it when we had guests:)). When the lady on her blog posted the recipe and the pictures…I honestly believed in my clumsy mind I could do it also. So…it was supposed to look like a can find the recipe here

For me..the hard part(baking the structure) was quite easy..and the easy part…it was messy. I realised now I used the wrong kind of cheese for the outside(too liquid)..but I have no excuse. My house turned somewhere around the middle of my project into a very squicky-old-Rabla kind car. I don;t think I will try the recipe’s too much cheese even for my taste…and let’s face skills of spreading cheese and making it look like a house are not fully developed yet.

This is what it should have looked like:

And this is my little failed experiment:))))  Oh God..I’m gonna go try and make it a bit prettier:)))

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  1. Hey Simona!:)) ai facut-o pana la urma:)))…sa stii k mie mi se pare k arata ca o masina, nu ca o casa…
    deci greseala e k ai aratat originalul!!!:)

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